Refund FAQ And Policy


Digital Key FAQ & Refund Policy

We do not have to give a refund if you change your mind about a purchase — so please choose carefully.

If the product you have bought is faulty, we will provide a remedy as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act.


Once you purchase a product you will receive an email with your product key code. We cannot provide a refund because the product key has been revealed to you.


The CD-key that I purchased doesn’t work or has stopped working. What should I do?

If something goes wrong during the activation of your key, you may see different error messages, for example: invalid, region locked, used, or revoked. In this article, we will show you what to do when any of this happens. Stay cool and don’t worry, there is always a solution. 🙂


1. My key is invalid

If you see an error message indicating that your key may be invalid, please check for the following: Are you activating the product on the proper platform? Digital keys are meant only for a particular platform, like Steam or Origin. You can find the platform and region for your key on it's Valora Gaming product page under "Description - Key Activation Guide". The following Step-by-step articles will help you check it: How can I check for which platform a product is?

Have you copied the key properly? Sometimes, you can receive more than one digital key, e.g. for the base game and the DLC (if you purchased a product having both). Check to see that you have copied the correct corresponding code from the email we have provided. Make sure to activate your keys one at a time.


2. My key is region locked!

If you see an error message suggesting that your key code can’t be activated in your region, please make sure to check first if you purchased your key for the correct region (by checking the product page on Some of the products sold on have regional restrictions and can be activated only in certain regions or countries. If the key can be activated in your country according to the product page on, but it still doesn't work, please contact the us and let us know about the problem.


3. My key has already been used

If the error message suggests that your key code has been used already: Log out of your account and log back in, then check your library again. If you tried to enter your key multiple times, it may be that you activated it already but didn’t see the game in your library yet; If the key you are trying to activate is for a DLC, it could be listed separately from the main game in your library.

Make sure to check your library for DLCs or start the game to see if the code didn’t work already for you. If the problem persists and you are sure that you haven’t used the code yourself, please contact us.


4. My key has been revoked

If you receive an information that your key code has been deactivated by the developer of the game, please contact us and let us know as soon as possible. Why was I asked to provide paperwork? In order to file an application, it might be necessary to provide a proof that something went wrong. While building our marketplace we must remember about both sides – buyers and sellers.

Paperwork from the police (or other appropriate authority) that proves you officially reported the case is a surefire way to ensure that neither buyers nor sellers are scamming each other. Dishonest buyers will be deterred as attempting their scam would mean filing a false police report.

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