1. How do I make a new team?

    Hover over profile > Create a team > edit team blocks (Add game, add team name, banner and image, add team bio and socials) > in the top right hand corner, press ‘Update’ > exit out > send team link to those that you would like to join.

  2. Why can’t I join a tournament? 

    Please follow these steps: Create a team > Navigate to your team page > Click ‘Settings’ > Find the Games block > Edit Games block > Add your Game of choice > Click Save settings > Top right hand corner click ‘Update’. You can add team members by sending them your team URL link. Some events may be free to join, the only requirement is a team. For paid events, you must first purchase a team entry ticket.

  3. How do I link my Youtube and Twitch to my profile?

    Your Youtube profile entry can be edited in your profile > Settings > YTCNAME. This profile entry requires your Youtube channel ID, this can be found in youtube.com/account_advanced.

    Your Twitch profile can be edited in your profile > Settings > Twitch Channel. This profile entry requires your twitch account name, this can be found on your twitch profile.


This is a guide for those that want to compete in Valora Gaming events:

  1. Create an account and a team at on Valora Gaming.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Tournaments’ section located in the menu at the top of the page, next scroll down and click on the tournament of your choice.

  3. Before joining the event, please be aware of the requirements, (e.g minimum team members, as well as the entry fee). If it’s free entry, the only requirement is a full team. If it is a pay to enter event, click on the ‘Purchase Ticket!’ button on the event page and it will redirect you to the ticket page. Next, purchase your team ticket.

  4. Once you have purchased your entry ticket, the order will need to be approved by an admin. Once the order has been approved, you will be able to navigate back to the tournaments page and join the event by clicking on the ‘Join Now!’ button.