EA and Respawn Launch USD $3M Apex Legends Global Series


EA and Respawn Launch USD $3M Apex Legends Global Series

EA and Respawn upcoming $3 Apex Legends Global Series

Today, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment finally announced the Apex Legends Global Series. We are so excited for Apex gamers around the world. We are particularly excited to see New Zealand and Australia being among the 60 countries allowed to compete. This has been long awaited.


  • 12 global live events throughout the year
  • The first Online Tournament takes place on January 25, 2020 (event registration starts January 11)
  • The first live Major takes place on March 13-15, 2020
  • A total prize pool of more than $3 million
  • PC Players from more than 60 countries are eligible to compete

The series will start with online competitions. Winners will advance to regional and then premier events. Players will earn Apex Legends Global Series Points for their performances in online and certain live events, and those with the most points will be invited to the four Apex Legends Global Series Majors. The top 60 Apex Legends Global Series teams in the world will be invited to battle for $1M in prizes and the title of Apex Legends Global Series World Champion. But first players will need to advance from one of the three majors that will see 100 three-player teams from around the world battling to advance.

There will be some epic battles and we look forward to New Zealand and Australia taking on the challenge.

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